• Roasted Mediterranean vegetables are presented in a container for tasting.

Roasted Mediterranean vegetables are presented in a container for tasting. (Photo : YouTube/ Hearty Home Cooking)

Losing weight should not deprive one from having a delicious meal as believed by many. That is why a Greek diet is being introduced by a Chef Michael Psilakis for those people who cannot stomach so-called healthy meals that are not delicious and enjoyable.

The 48-year-old Chef believed that losing weight should be enjoyable and delicious at the same time. Such concept is being offered in his new book entitled, "Live to Eat: Cooking the Mediterranean Way." The concept presented in the book are primarily based on the principles of the Mediterranean diet.

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"The diet is full of ingredients that you know, and that are easily attainable. The meals taste really, really good, and the preparation is rather simple. I dare you to eat the tuna melt that's [in the book] on seven-grain bread with cucumber yogurt sauce instead of mayonnaise," Chef Psilakis told New York Post.

Some of the food preparations highlighted as part of the Greek meal included open-faced smoked salmon sandwiches, which is perfect for breakfast, lunch, and light dinner. The grilled fillet of branzino with warm roasted tomatoes, cauliflower and olives is also a good alternative for individuals wanting to experience a delectable diet meal.

Aside from the heavy meals, yogurt with berries and seeds has also been introduced by Chef Psilakis as part of beautiful breakfast or dessert. Moreover, an ample amount of Ladolemono to serve as a sauce on top of grilled meats, pork and chicken could also enrich the taste of food while on a diet.

However, it is also good to note that apart from the delicious meal plan suggested by Chef Psilakis, exercise should also be included in the weight loss program. By combining exercise with a healthy and delicious diet, losing weight can be more effective, according to Healthline.

Apart from weight loss benefits, exercise could also aid in preventing or reversing the effects of specific diseases. Heart attack and cholesterol level may be prevented with both diet and exercise. 

Watch here below the immediate effect of diet and exercise: