• The Starbucks logo hangs outside one of the company's cafes in Northwich

The Starbucks logo hangs outside one of the company's cafes in Northwich (Photo : Getty Images/Christopher Furlong)

Millennials are evidently a big market for companies and considered a new consumer generation. They are the ones who are just starting their own families, buying new houses and maximizing technology in every way possible to make their lives easy and convenient as possible so major brands are doing everything they can to impress these millennials.

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This relationship that has been established between brands and millennials are the reason why they are more than willing to spend for their preferred brands. Let us take a look at these five brands that millennials cannot live without.

1. Apple

When iPhone was released in 2007, most millennials might have just been entering their earning years and iPhones have been the most trusted brand when it comes to mobile phones, according to The Motley Fool. With over 78 percent of millennials who use their phones for not less than two hours per day, iPhones have been the most preferred back in 2016.

2. Amazon

Amazon tops the charts when it comes to online shopping, according to Business Insider. It has emerged as the most liked brand among millennials aged 16 to 34. It even defeated Facebook, Google and YouTube because Amazon offers so much convenience for its users by allowing quick comparison or prices from a wide variety of providers.

3. Starbucks

Almost all millennials practically love coffee and coffee translates to Starbucks. It is no wonder why Starbucks is the millennials' favorite coffee fix, given their trendy innovations, loyalty rewards and extensive use of social media; not to mention that some of their orders look perfect on Instagram.

4. Forever 21

Forever 21 has got a lot of millennials hooked because of their trendy pieces sold at very affordable prices. Most millennials value experience better than shopping which is why they prioritize travel and food but because this brand is so affordable, it just makes them so hard to resist.

5. Disney

Almost all millennials can relate to Disney, simply because it has always been there, from the young stars on the Disney channel to the cartoon characters coming to life on the big screen, this brand can definitely bring back a feeling of nostalgia to millennials.