• Players of Southampton FC celebrate after a goal.

Players of Southampton FC celebrate after a goal. (Photo : Getty Images Sport)

Chinese stadium builder Lander Sports Development had struck a deal with Southampton owner Katharina Liebherr to buy into the soccer club's holding company.

The deal makes Southampton the latest English Premier League team to get Chinese investment.

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Liebherr, who noted that the deal would still need to clear a number of approvals and follow a strict set of criteria before being confirmed, assured fans that any steps taken would be in the best interests of the soccer club.

Currently, Manchester City, West Bromwich Albion, Aston Villa, Birmingham City and Wolverhampton Wanderers make up the list of those with Chinese investors.

Southampton beat Liverpool at Anfield on Wednesday to reach the final of the League Cup where they finished runners-up in 1979. They won the FA Cup in 1976.

Encouraged by President Xi Jinping's desire to make China a soccer powerhouse, Chinese firms and individuals have invested over $3 billion into soccer over the past year.

Southampton, formed in 1885 by members of St. Mary's Church Young Men's association, was rescued from the brink of bankruptcy by German-born Swiss businessman Markus Liebherr in 2009. It was among the Premier League's founding members and inherited by Katharina Liebherr after her father's death in 2010.

The football club has risen steadily under Katharina's stewardship, making it one of the best in England and a target for investors.

Southampton placed sixth in the Premier League last season, their best finish, and qualified for the UEFA Europa League.

Liebherr said that the Premier League has become increasingly competitive and the ballclub needs to look to new markets for commercial growth, innovation and to be able to "share our journey."

Continued progression and success is the main focus of the possible partnership they are seeking with Lander Sports Development.