• The Yalu jailbreak tool for iOS 10 and 10.1.1 from Luca Todesco is released in beta form.

The Yalu jailbreak tool for iOS 10 and 10.1.1 from Luca Todesco is released in beta form. (Photo : Getty Images/Spencer Platt)

As the wait continues for the rumored iOS 10.2 jailbreak release from Team Pangu, Luca Todesco decided to bump up his Yalu102 JB tool to beta 6 and with its current state the solution now works for both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the compact iPhone SE and its older brother - the 5S, and the iPad Air. However, the iPhone 7 series, the iPad Mini 4 and iPad Air 2 were still left out.

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Yalu102 now practically supports all iOS 64-bit devices though Todesco has yet to indicate when the iPhone 7 and the remaining iPads will be on board. It remains unknown too when the finalized version of the jailbreak solution will be issued in light of the recent hints from its maker that after jailbreaking iOS 10.2 he will exit from the scene.

For now, even as the jailbreak is in beta form using it is highly recommended if only for the massive expansion, according to WCCFTech. Another added benefit is the diminished possibility of being exposed to malicious attacks, which according to Apple is one scenario that users are getting into when using cracked iOS versions.

"After jailbreaking with the Yalu102 tool, you will not be vulnerable to similar attacks from less reputable sources," iDownloadBlog.com said in a related report.

Now despite the significant upgrade from the earlier beta versions, it should be noted that Todesco's iOS 10.2 jailbreak has yet to shed its semi-tethered status - meaning a re-jailbreak is required each time a device reboot happens. And as solution is designed only for versions 10 to 10.2 so for those who made the jump to v. 10.2.1 now is the time to upgrade as Apple still signs version 10.2.

Installing Yalu102 is also a bit of work - users need to download the latest beta build here and then be guided by the tutorial shared by iDB here. The same site also reminded that apart from the re-jailbreak every device reboot a re-sign every seven days is a must no thanks to the application's expiring certificate each week.

There is no telling if such inconveniences will be gone once the final build is out or if Todesco will get to ever release a finalized iOS 10 jailbreak. But one thing that jailbreak fans hope for is that Team Pangu will improve on the Yalu102 JB tool and release its own crack on iOS 10.2.