• A concept image of Microsoft Surface Pro 5 shows the laptop with a rechargeable stylus.

A concept image of Microsoft Surface Pro 5 shows the laptop with a rechargeable stylus. (Photo : YouTube/CTNtechnology News)

Signs that indicate Microsoft has set in motion its Surface Pro 5 release date plans are now aplenty and the latest is the supposed discontinuation of the Surface 3 in favor of the Surface Pro 4, which is turn is now offered with up to 20 percent price off. Could it be that the SP5 will touch down soon?

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That likely will be the case in the next few weeks as Microsoft is rumored to introduce the Surface Pro 5 in time for the 2017 edition of the Barcelona Mobile World Congress (MWC) that will start February 26. And as if to suggest that a new Surface Pro is coming to town, the old models are being lined up for eventual exit.

The Surface 3, in fact, is no longer found on Microsoft's online store (in the United States). According to WCCFTech, the device remains in display on the site but when the Buy Now button clicked shoppers are automatically redirected to the Surface Pro 4 page. "This provides evidence that the company is looking to get rid of the affordable product, which can only mean that the company could be looking to introduce something better in the future," the report claimed.

Now what could be better than the Intel Skylake-fired up SP4 than its rumored 2-in-1 successor - the Surface Pro 5? But as expected, before the SP5 debut Microsoft would want to buyers to scoop existing stocks of the Pro 4 and the best way to make the latter fly off the shelves is to offer inviting deals.

True enough, the SP4 now sells with 20 percent discount on the virtual Microsoft Store. In a report from Thurrott.com: "the Surface Pro 4 with a Core i5 processor, 4 GB Of RAM, and 128 GB of storage is now $799." Take note that the price before the sticker was altered was $999 so buyers taking advantage of the deal will get to save $200.

And even if shoppers would want to grab a Type Cover, which can be as high as $160, to go with the unit the entire cash will remain below $1000, which by all account is a definitive fantastic deal. As the same Thurrott report stressed - buying the Surface Pro 4 is highly recommended.

The only better thing would be the Surface Pro 5, which Microsoft is likely to ship out with Windows 10 Creators Update running the show, in partnership, of course, with Intel Kaby Lake for more processing might, mileage and increased battery life.

If indeed the Surface Pro 5 will show up via the MWC 2017 this coming February and the next big Windows 10 update is rolling out soon after then it's safe to assume that the device release date will be a go as soon as March.