• "Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana's" second protagonist Dana preparing herself for a style change.

"Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana's" second protagonist Dana preparing herself for a style change. (Photo : YouTube/Blazzer Sora)

Falcom has revealed details of "Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana's" new Style Change system for Dana. They also gave the details of the female character.

The game developers revealed on the official website of the video game the three new styles for its PlayStation 4 version. These styles are the Iclucian, Gratica, and the Luminous.

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Dana, the second protagonist, is playable in her chapters of the video game. She can also switch between the three styles so that players can enjoy different types of actions in gameplay.

The PS4 version of "Ys VIII" will have its own original dungeons with various gimmicks. They will appear in the Dana chapters as well. Players will have to use the unique abilities of each style to break through the challenges and get to the end of the dungeon.

The Iclucian Water style is the default style and an almighty type. It has balanced attack power and speed, and it acquires a lot of Skill Points. This style also lets players use a lot of skills during battle while acquiring SP.

This style has the Mistral Blow skill attack that strikes surrounding enemies with a rotating slash from Dana's crescent blade. Players can unleash this skill quickly, and it can easily be linked from a standard attack. It also has the special ability to put out flames.

The Gratica Earth style is a power type that lets players fight with high defense power and wide attack range. They will have to compensate for its slow-moving attacks, and it usually has roundhouse swings as attacks, which has high stun value. There is a good chance that they will stun the enemy while doing these swings.

Gratica has the Sourinbutou as a skill attack, which deals damage to surround enemies with a big centrifugal force rotation. It also uplifts giant rocks from the ground to deal great damage to a wide range of enemies. It also has the special abilities of destroying cracked walls, and lets the character move around areas where movement is restricted like places with strong winds.

The Luminous Light style is a hit-and-away type that lets players use speeds that surpasses the Iclucian style. One thing that they should be wary about is its defense power is very low, and many of its skills are peculiar. The advantage of this style is its Extra Gauge acquisition rate is increased, which allows them to let out skill attacks one after the other.

Luminous has the Elemental Shoot as a skill attack, which focuses the character's power to a single point and fires it in a super-speed beam of light. This skill attack has penetrating capability and it has a lot of power in battles against groups of smaller enemies. It has the special abilities to let players see invisible items, and also melt ice.

The game developers revealed in another post on the official website of "Ys VIII" the profile of Dana. She is a mysterious, blue-haired girl who appears in the dreams of Adol, the first protagonist of the game. She is beautiful, but her actions are usually bold and imaginative, and can surprise those who meet her.

Check out the "Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana" First Official Trailer video below: