• "Drawn to Death" character Ninjaw draws her sword to kill her enemies.

"Drawn to Death" character Ninjaw draws her sword to kill her enemies. (Photo : YouTube/PlayStation)

The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency has announced that "Drawn to Death" will be launched this coming April. The head of the game developers revealed that the video is unique compared to other shooter video games.

The game developers announced on the video game's official forums that it will set to launch on April 4. It will launch exclusively on the PlayStation 4 and it will have a price tag of $19.99 only for North America. They also launched their latest trailer for the video game, which can be viewed below.

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David Jaffe told the official blog of PlayStation on the details about what makes the video game unique compared to the other games. He also revealed other information like their inspiration for creating it, and many more.

Jaffe revealed that "Drawn to Death" is unique compared to the many hero shooters that are appearing these days. He confirmed that other than that it looks unique, but it also feels unique to play with.

In this video game, the gameplay time is really long, Jaffe explained. They wanted the players to have more chances for chases across the maps, some obstacles along the way, and many more. He also said that those who have map knowledge will allow hunted players to become the hunters instead.

The game developer head revealed that their video game will only support four players. While players will not like hearing this kind of feature, the developers think that it is advantage for it. He explained that having a high time to kill and too many players in a match ends up making a lot of shooters feel chaotic and random, and they want their game to play differently.

The game developers want their video game to be fast, but not so chaotic that players will not be able to track what they need to track. This is why it is important for them for the players to focus on specific enemy behavior in a match. Jaffe revealed that one of his favorite things in their video game is when he starts to learn how a specific player on the battlefield, and he just adjusts his playstyle to that person.

Jaffe revealed that he got his inspiration from his childhood. As a child, he would sketch and doodle in his notebook during class, and draw superheroes, aliens, monsters and anything nerdy.

Jaffe revealed that his favorite character in "Drawn to Death" is Ninjaw. He explained that the character has a lot of unique mechanics to try out. She has a grapple that lets her fly across a level, she can backflip, which allows her to leap away from danger, and she can create protective shields in the air.

Check out the "Drawn to Death" Inside Look with David Jaffe video below: