• PS4 Pro ‘Boost (Beast) Mode’ Update Promises to Bump Up Performance but Still Short of PC-Level Gaming

PS4 Pro ‘Boost (Beast) Mode’ Update Promises to Bump Up Performance but Still Short of PC-Level Gaming (Photo : Facebook)

Sony is deploying soon OS version 4.5 update for the PlayStation 4 and the bump is designed to deliver Boost or Beast Mode for all PS4 consoles. The supposed gaming performance upgrade will be more pronounced for those rocking the PS4 Pro, which stands to get up to 38 percent boost, a new report said.

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The promised CPU and GPU upticks, according to WCCFTech, will greatly depend on the gaming title as not all developers have made the adjustments to take advantage of the PS4 OS bump. Three titles were identified so far to have registered significant gains with the Boost Mode activated and they are Assetto Corsa, F1 2016 and Project Cars.

The findings, WCCFTech said, were based on the comparison tests conducted by YouTube channel Digital Foundry and the clip (viewable below) that was posted showed 38 percent increase in gaming performance, which the report said translates to faster CPU speed and modest GPU boost. Highlight is on the GPU boost as the results vary for every game title tested.

With the PS4 4.5 update, Sony is looking to enhance the overall gaming experience between 10 and 25 percent, according to BGR, so the step up mentioned above on select game titles can be called as exceptions. For most gamers, the average gain would be manifested by 15FPS, which by any means is considerable enough.

But to be clear, OS version 4.5 will not redefine the gaming console world and will still fall short of the levels normally in PC gaming, which is especially true for the high-end PC machines, BGR noted on its report.

And truth to be told, Sony said that the PS4 OS update is meant to squeeze a bit more of CPU and GPU juice from the console, mostly for the benefit of legacy titles. When in use, Boost Mode "can provide a noticeable frame-rate boost to some games with variable frame-rate, and can provide frame-rate stability for games that are programmed to run at 30Hz or 60Hz," the company was reported by WCCFTech as saying.

Apart from better gaming experience, PS4 gamers will get to see faster load time and lower power consumption, which Sony said will apply on specific game titles.

Sony has yet to indicate a definite release date for the OS update but PS4 4.5 is expected to roll out real soon.