• A Note 7 is held by hand to show the aftermath of the smartphone explosion.

A Note 7 is held by hand to show the aftermath of the smartphone explosion. (Photo : YouTube/ Dave Bennett )

The factory of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery supplier burst into flames. Despite the incident dispatching numerous firefighters and fire trucks from the local fire station, Samsung SDI still claimed that the incident was a minor fire.

The factory of Samsung SDI, which manufactured the exploding batteries of Note 7, was caught in flames due to a pile of discarded batteries in its waste facility, according to North Territory News. Despite heavy smoke seen from the factory and as what most onlookers have observed, the Note 7 battery supplier still claimed that the fire was minor.

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The company also added that there was no casualties or significant enough damages that would have led to the cessation of the plant's operation. Despite the claim of being a minor incident, 110 firefighters and 19 fire trucks were still sent by the local fire department.

After the incident, the Wuqing branch of the Tianjin Fire Department said in a post on its verified Sina Weibo account that the materials which caught fire were the lithium batteries and some half-finished products. Thus, reminding consumers once of the same product that has caused the Note 7 fiasco in 2016.

In retrospect, 2016 was the worst year for Samsung due to their Note 7 debacle that led to massive recall and infringement of consumer's trust to the company. The said recall was made after 35 incidents of overheating smartphones globally were reported. 

Since the first news of Note 7 explosion hit the social media, the number of alleged Note 7 explosions have almost quadrupled. In the aftermath, the company then ordered for all Note 7 sales and shipment to be halted.

The said battery explosion was then attributed to the manufacturing error of Samsung. The production placed too much pressure on plates contained within battery cells, according to CNET. Thus, leading negative and positive poles into contact.

Watch here below explanation of the battery explosion: