• Dragon Ball Super next arc will be called "Universe Survival Arc".

Dragon Ball Super next arc will be called "Universe Survival Arc". (Photo : Dragon Ball Super)

The latest details and spoilers for "Dragon Ball Super" will feature the characters of Universe 9 and Universe 11, as well as episode 79 and the possible appearance of Gogeta in the show.

It seems that Son Goku, Vegeta and the rest of Z warriors of Universe 7 will take on the fighters of Universe 9 first in the preliminary rounds in episode 79's synopsis as Majin Buu will face-off against Universe 9 fighter Basil and is hinted to be a tough competitor.

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Basil or "Kicker" Basil as he is called is part of the Trio the Danger, a group of humanoid wolf brothers representing Universe 9 alongside his brothers Bergamo and Lavenda. Bergamo was featured in the teaser of "Dragon Ball Super's" upcoming new arc "Universe Survival" fighting against Son Goku.

Besides the Trio the Danger, other Universe 9 character names have also been revealed as its God of Destruction is named Sidra who is described as an indecisive destroyer and he is hardly able to destroy anything because of it. Joining Sidra, is his unnamed Angel tennant and the Supreme Kai of Universe 9 named Rou, who has a habit of making fun of other universes.

As for the Universe 11 characters, its Supreme Kai is named Kai and has a strong sense of justice and values life, while the God of Destruction and his angel tennant is revealed to be the clown character and the female angel, who the fans compare them to the Joker and Harley Quinn, Saiyan Island reported.

In other news, its seems that fusion warrior Gogeta will likely appear in the "Universe Survival" arc in "Dragon Ball Super".

Several anime fans speculated that Son Goku and Vegeta second fusion transformation could match the powers of a God of Destruction, something that viewers want to see if Gogeta can match himself against the likes of Beerus, Champa etc., Mobile&Apps reported.

Gogeta first appeared in the OVA film, "Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn" as he fought and defeated the demon Janemba. The character also appeared in "Dragon Ball GT" in his Super Saiyan 4 transformation fighting against Omega Shenron.

The Gogeta fusion is considered to be the most powerful fusion character in the "Dragon Ball" franchise and with a possible appearance in "Universe Survival" arc, anime fans could witness a Super Saiyan Blue version of the character.

The "Universe Survival" will feature a universe wide tournament that sees Son Goku and his friends competing against powerful warriors in all of fhe 12 universes. Goku's team will represent Universe 7 which comprised of Vegeta, Son Gohan, Master Roshi, Tien Shinhan, Krillin, Piccolo, Android 18, Android 17 and Majin Buu.

The new arc will also feature the Gods of Destruction from the 12 universes along with the Kaioshin and there Angel tennants as they kneel before the Omni Kings Zen-Oh. The Gods of each universe is allowed to have ten representatives in the martial arts contest. Any universe who loses will be annihilated without a second thought, so the teams are forced to fight for their home’s safety. The tournament will be held in a "Survival Stadium".

Anime producer Shunki Hashizume as he promised anime fans that the new arc will be exciting, action-pack and will not disappoint.

"Dragon Ball Super" returns on Feb. 12 on Fuji TV.