• Sony's new HT-M300 and HT-M500 soundbars are wireless.

Sony's new HT-M300 and HT-M500 soundbars are wireless. (Photo : YouTube / Sony)

Sony has recently revealed its new compact soundbars HT-MT300 and the HT-MT500 fit for the living room. The latter has support for high-resolution audio which is slowly becoming the norm for multimedia setups today.

Full surround setups for the living room may be too expensive and hard to implement. The alternative is soundbars which can be placed almost anywhere while still providing clear and crisp sound. Sony's new HT-M300 and HT-M500 both support NFC and Bluetooth which means user would not have to worry about wires and cables cluttering their setup.

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One advantage of the MT500 over the MT300 is its capability to upscale and enhance the audio it plays out, according to a Sony press release. Both models do they a wireless subwoofer which means users will still the rumbling bass anywhere in the room.

Another advantage of the Sony MT500 is that it also has support for Spotify Connect and Chromecast, Slash Gear reported. Users will be able to connect instantly with the supported third-party software without any hassle.

One interesting feature is the Sofa Mode which enhances the low-frequencies so that the user will be able to feel the bass even if they put it under a couch. There is also another mode called the S-Force Pro Front Surround which emulates a cinema-style surround sound hence the name.

Both the MT300 and the MT500 also have tactile leather finishes which is expected to fit in any modern living room. Interested customers will be able to choose between cremewhite or charcoal black.

If wireless is not the way to go, both models still have a USB port for easier connection either to a PC or other multimedia device. Connecting it via smartphones is still the easiest way.

Sony's new HT-MT300 will be priced at around $320 while the HT-MT500 is priced at $640. Both models will be available starting March 2017.

Watch the promotional video below: