• The Nintendo Switch is slated to be released in March 2017.

The Nintendo Switch is slated to be released in March 2017. (Photo : YouTube/GameNewsOfficial )

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most anticipated video game console releases of the year. Because of the high demand surrounding Nintendo's upcoming offering, it is difficult to find a place that still offers it. However, Game Stop has just announced that they a thousand customers who drop by their stores tomorrow will be chosen at random for a chance to make a pre-order for the console.

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This offer is in line with Game Stop's Power-Up Rewards Pro Day sale. This event normally includes sales on video game-related paraphernalia, but the store has decided to add something new to the mix this year in order to commemorate the upcoming release of the Switch in less than a month's time on March 3. Any customer who drops by a Game Stop branch on Saturday, Feb. 11, would be in the running for a chance of a Switch pre-order, regardless of whether they are a Power-Up Rewards member or not, BGR reported.

Due to the fact that the Switch is virtually sold out everywhere, this is a good marketing strategy for Game Stop, as it would drive more sales at their event. This is one of the final chances for anyone wanting to get their hands on a $300 Switch to place a preorder, which would guarantee that they will get the console on launch day.

It would be worth it to visit a Game Stop branch despite not having any interest in purchasing a Switch in the near future. The retailer will also be offering large discounts on some of the most sought after games. This includes, but is not limited to, $30 off of "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare," "NBA 2K17," and "Mafia III" as well as $20 off of "Overwatch," "Grand Theft Auto V," and "Destiny," according to Game Spot.

Other deals from Game Stop include buy one get one free t-shirts and buy one get 50 percent off on the second purchase of Funko Pop! figures. Aside from these, customers could also get 20 percent off Power-Up Rewards items and 10 percent off of pre-owned games and accessories. Game Stop will also be offering 10 percent more trade credits for games and accessories in their Power-Up Rewards Pro Day event.

Watch a demonstration of the Nintendo Switch in the video below: