Song Hye Kyo continues to be hounded by rumors despite not posting anything on her Instagram account since Jan. 31. Her last post, which became viral, possibly helped sparked marriage rumors after she shared a photo with an unidentified young girl.

The rumors further escalated with a Laneige greeting on Feb. 6 to Song Hye Kyo’s alleged marriage to an “Oppa,” but the brand immediately changed the post. But where is 35-year-old actress now? Preparing for her alleged wedding?

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Snow Festival

Apparently not because Inquisitr reported she is in Saporro, Japan, attending the snow festival which ends on Feb. 12. On her Instagram account, the 35-year-old actress posted on Friday a photo with four friends. The next day, she posted three more photos of snow scenes, confirming that she is not in Seoul.

In tags she placed, the first photo – which got more than 280,000 likes and more than 1,300 comments – Song Hye Kyo identified her companions in the trip as Raymond Chae, a Korean fashion stylist, Yusuke Saeki, a photographer, Il Jung Lee, and Ellen Park, her manager. Her fans, such as bell327, noticed the absence of Song Joong-ki – who was in Bangkok on the same day as guest of his bromance partner Park Bo Gum in his Feb. 11 fan meet.

Challenge to Song Joong-ki

Bell327 wrote, “Hope you can spend time together this valentine season.” B.ethina issued a challenge to her rumored boyfriend which read: “stEP UP NAMAN SONG JOONG KI WER NA U.”

Citydiela requested Song Hye Kyo to post a selfie with Song Joong Ki. Vmejica hoped Song Hye Kyo would meet her speculated future husband in Japan.

On Saturday, Song Hye Kyo posted three snow photos. One picture which showed a red chimney with a green top got more than 165,000 likes. A second image showed what looks like a resort surrounded by four tall trees with no leaves and one smaller with leaves. That photo got almost 200,000 likes, while the third photo, with almost 210,000 likes, showed a snowman with a shovel on the foreground and snow-covered trees.

Fans of the SongSong couple pointed out that Valentine’s Day is just two days away and they are wondering if the two celebrities would be able to celebrate the day together.