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The worries of fans of Angelababy that the 27-year-old new mother may find it difficult to adapt to a life with an infant in the house turned out to be baseless. Three days after she gave birth to Little Sponge, the actress was seen already out shopping with her mother.

Angelababy and her mother shopped to prepare for Chinese New Year eight days after her delivery. On Lantern Festival, she posted a photo on her Weibo account to greet her fans. She wrote, “I know about how much you missed me,” Toggle reported.

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Early Delivery

Little Sponge was her first baby with husband, actor Huang Xiaoming whom she married in 2015. A day after the couple arrived in Hong Kong to deliver the baby, she went into labor earlier than her expected delivery date by caesarian.

Meanwhile, China Film Insider reported that a newspaper affiliated with the Communist Party of China criticized the young actors of a Chinese TV drama. Although the performers and the drama were not identified, readers suspect the newspaper was referring to “General and I.”

Poor Acting

It is a period drama during the Jin dynasty, starring Zhong Hanliang and Angelababy. The newspaper accused the young stars for earning high salaries while showing poor acting skill or professionalism.

According to TV audiences and critics, the performance of the actors were not natural and were stilted. A commenter also took note of the production taking advantage of the post-production process by using mostly green screens instead of using real-life settings, believed to reduce the time that actors stay on the set.

The commenter also noted the heavy dependence of actors on post-production effects such as voice dubbing and body doubles to accommodate the busy schedules of the stars.