• Relationships between two people with different races are proven to be happier.

Relationships between two people with different races are proven to be happier. (Photo : Getty Images)

This Valentine’s Day, western women who have relationships with Chinese men share their insights on how the chemistry is kept amid the great cultural barrier.

While many single women in China are worried about being "leftovers," there is a growing trend of Chinese men getting involved with women from the West. Many of them share remarkable stories of how interracial coupling works.

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For Viktoria Varadi, a Hungarian who is married to a Chinese man for four years, marriage has been a romantic bliss with her Chinese husband. They are to be married in Las Vegas for the second time.

"It was his idea," she said. "He had traveled to the US and said it was so much fun that we should go as a couple, which I think is really romantic."

She explained that most of her friends said that Chinese men are not romantic. She said, "But my husband is not the shy type."

Varadi also confessed that contrary to popular belief, Chinese men are sweet partners because her husband cooks for her and takes care of her when she is ill.

She explained that her husband is the more practical type, who instead of buying flowers, focuses on taking care of her to show his affection.

The same is true for a Swiss woman with the pseudonym Doris Nilsson with her Chinese boyfriend of two years.

"He can be romantic just out of nothing on any other day by just inviting me to a special restaurant, cooking breakfast for me, or by simply saying I love you," she said.

She admitted that it is not exactly her style as she is the romantic type, but she now learned that the Hollywood-type romance falls second to him taking her to a spontaneous weekend trip.

According to the American Psychologists Association, more Chinese and Western couples succeed because of the similarity of values when it comes to family relations, which is very important in the Chinese culture.

The association released a study that revealed higher satisfaction levels between interracial couples than pure Chinese couples.