• A smartphone is being used to display the potentials of Li-Fi with the help of a LED bulb.

A smartphone is being used to display the potentials of Li-Fi with the help of a LED bulb. (Photo : YouTube/ ColdFusion )

The wireless connection has drastically improved with the introduction of Wi-Fi technology. However, a promising upgrade will soon hit the global market through the innovation known as Li-Fi, which is considered as 100 times faster compared to other wireless technologies.

The so-called Li-Fi network will utilize light waves, in contrast to the radio waves being used by Wi-Fi networks. Such light has been specifically attributed to the light being produced by LED lamps and overheads. Thus, making the technology almost available anywhere.

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In a room scale coverage, it has been identified that the newly developed wireless connection can achieve a bi-directional speed of 224 gigabits per second (Gbps), according to Electronic Engineering Times. The said experiment was performed by developing specialized broadcast LEDs and receivers, which operates in different fields of view and bands.

The technology being perfected by researchers and experts in the field has been described as something similar to projectors. Dominic O'Brien, lead researcher and photonics engineer at Oxford University, and his team are working on ways to incorporate tracking technology. Thus, allowing the Li-FI readily locate the computer or any wireless devices wherever it is placed in a room.

The technology is indeed promising and may lead to the concept known as "Internet of Things," wherein everyday objects are interconnected via Li-Fi technology. Such promising global advancement has been anticipated by Philips Lighting as they acquire a French Li-Fi company.

"Philips Lighting acquired Luciom [Li-Fi company] at the end of 2016. Together the companies study a number of technologies that could enable existing and new lighting technologies," Philips spokesperson told LEDs Magazine.

Philips has been reported to be interested in Luciom's development with the Li-Fi technology, particularly concerning its speed, coding & decoding, and reliability. That is why it is expected that after the perfection of the said technology, Philips will soon commercialize Li-Fi as means of wireless Internet transmission.

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