• Link carries some Spicy Peppers on "Breath of the Wild's" inventory menu.

Link carries some Spicy Peppers on "Breath of the Wild's" inventory menu. (Photo : YouTube/Game Informer )

Just as when everyone thought that "The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild" will not be getting content add-ons yet here it is. Nintendo has just revealed that the latest chapter in the "Legend of Zelda" series will be getting expansions throughout 2017.  

Do not rejoice just yet as it comes with a price. According to Nintendo, the downloadable contents can be acquired through its Expansion Pass that comes with a price tag of $20. Furthermore, the upcoming game segments cannot be bought separately that got some of its player base quite irked about it.  

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The said amount will buy players three treasure chests upon release. These chests will be situated in the game's Great Plateau where useful items can be obtained. In addition, fans will also get an exclusive Nintendo Switch shirt for Link to try on, according to Nintendo as cited by Kotaku.  

The first expansion pack will arrive in summer as it will bring forth a Hard Mode difficulty, additional attributes on its maps, and even a Cave of Trials challenge. Lastly, DLC 2 which will arrive during the Holidays will be the beefiest among the inbound contents as it will endow the game with new challenges, a dungeon to explore, and a brand new storyline.  

In the interim, Nintendo's Yoshiaki Koizumi expressed the company's intent to expand the virtual console to the looming Switch. In an interview with French publication Melty, he pointed out that they are planning to devise varying joycon shapes for the new console. When asked if a virtual console feature is heading towards the Switch, Koizumi replied that he cannot answer such as of the moment, though he highlighted that they are heading towards that milestone.   

Both "Breath of the Wild" and Switch are slated to be out this March 3 including the earlier mentioned Expansion Pass. In the meantime, watch a recently released gameplay video of the game here: