• Jay Chou & Wife

Jay Chou & Wife (Photo : Facebook/Jay Chou)

At the start of February, an entertainment website came out with a list of 10 celebrity Chinese and Korean couples who are expecting babies in 2017.

Baby Bump

The list excluded singer Jay Chou and wife, model Hannah Quinlivan. However, on Tuesday, at the start of Valentine’s Day, he posted on Facebook a photo showing the couple on a yacht. Hannah, 23, was standing and her small baby bump was evident.

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It was the couple’s way of announcing she is pregnant again. Jay Chou captioned the photo as follows: “Valentine’s Day, time for mummy’s lover from her past life to come along.” CRI explained that Jay Chou referred to a saying in China that the daughter is the lover of her father in a past life.

Given these hints, fans of the couple – who were married in January 2015 and have a one-year-old girl, Hathaway – believe the singer and his wife would have a son this time. Jay Chou would apparently need to adjust the schedule of his current “Invincible World Tour” which will be held in China, Asia and Europe so he could spend more time with his pregnant wife.

Another Second Pregnancy

It was not only Jay Chou who announced the pregnancy of his wife for the second time. Strait Times reported that on the same day, 38-year-old Shaun Chen, a Mediacorp actor, announced the second pregnancy of wife Celina Chin who is on her fourth month, on Instagram. Their first child, a daughter, just turned one year old.

In mid-January, actress Angelababy gave birth in Hong Kong to a son whom she calls Little Sponge. Three days after the baby’s birth, Angelababy was already up on her feet, shopping with her mother for the Spring Festival.