• Pokemon Go: Tips to evolve Eevee into Umbreon, Espeon and more

Pokemon Go: Tips to evolve Eevee into Umbreon, Espeon and more (Photo : Youtube/pokemon)

Pokémon GO, according to Niantic Labs, will make a big change (read: huge update) starting this week. There will be at least 80 new pocket monsters that will be up for catching when the update goes live and more. And more was summed up into three things, a new report said.

And they will be Pokemon Trading, P2P battles and real-world events that Niantic will stage, Business Insider reported. Player-versus-player battles will be part of the latest GO update package that will be bannered by fresh creature additions such as Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile. And Pokemon Trading has been long-time coming that finally will be unleashed with the Friday Update rollout, as confirmed by Niantic CEO John Hanke.

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But likely to be the most exciting part of the new Pokemon GO bump are the real-world events that will gather together Trainers from around the world. Per the same report by Business Insider, these planned occasions will pave the way for "to catch ultra-rare Pokémon like Mewtwo and the three "legendary" birds."

And more things will be unpacked apart from the 80 new Pokémons. Game Spot reported that gamers will soon get "new Evolution items, two new Berries, and expanded outfit and accessory options for their Trainer avatars."

The new Berries will be called Nanab and Pinap. The former is designed to slow down a Pokemon while the latter "doubles the amount of Candy received if the next catch attempt is successful," the same report added.

For the customization additional features, there will be free items to go but Trainers wanting for more will need to pay up in real cash, the report said.

So how to go about come the supposed Pokemon GO Gen 2 update rollout, which Forbes said will happen no later than Friday this week? The wise thing to do is hold out in order to avoid the usual hiccups that attend game apps' update.

"Give it a few days for people to get excited and find out what's happening, build anticipation in advance of launch and maximize the excitement when the thing actually happens," Forbes said on its report.

Or it might be a good thing to stock up on the currently available Pokemon creatures and reap the benefits even before the 80 new Pokémons are deployed out there. In a separate report, Business Insider shared a list of "the Pokémon you should stockpile in Pokémon GO before the 80 new ones are released into the wild."