• A PC monitor that contains the famed lambda icon of the game "Half-Life."

A PC monitor that contains the famed lambda icon of the game "Half-Life." (Photo : YouTube/Valve News Network)

Valve, over the years, has been goading fans about "Half-Life 3's" release. After the release of "Half-Life 2" back in November 2004, its player base has been longing and asking about the long overdue sequel.  

The "Half-Life" fandom went nuts yet again as a spy shot of one of Valve's employees tries on a SteamVR headgear and controller surfaced online. It may look like just a normal looking photo, but eagle-eyed fans noticed a monitor in the background featuring the famed icon of the game alongside the digit three as its exponent. Moreover, the logo has a blurry label that is speculated to be either "W3" or "VR3," according to Venture Beat.  

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In a statement obtained by the publication, Valve's Greg Coomer revealed that the icon has been spotted inside their office for quite some time now. Coomer added in Valve fashion that they will not divulge further detail on what the icon is about and why it is there.   

Meanwhile, Gabe Newell together with his VR team recently sat down on a panel to discuss their latest iterations of the Base Station and the SteamVR controllers. Programmer Joe Ludwig showcased the renders to the press inside Valve's office in early February as he mentioned that such are early prototypes.  

Unlike the HTC Vive of late, the new device will don a single motor making it lighter with lesser noise and affordable to gamers. However, specs under its hood are not disclosed by Valve as it was pointed out early on that these specifications are subject to change as development progresses, Upload VR has learned.   

It was also announced that these upcoming devices will be sent to Lighthouse licensees in late 2017 and added that there are currently 500 of them working on VR controllers and headgears. The Game Developer's Conference will kick off this Feb. 27 in San Francisco and many pundits believe that Valve is up to something big for "Half-Life 3's" release.

Watch the rare and surprisingly lengthy video featuring Newell and the rest of his team here: