• Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to maintain good relations with China.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to maintain good relations with China. (Photo : Getty Images)

The foreign ministry of China said that the recent visit of Taiwanese government officials to India was an indication of strained relations between India and China.

The Chinese government takes the recent development as an expression of India's disregard of the one China policy. However, India and Taiwan do not have diplomatic ties.

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Geng Shuang, a representative of the ministry, said that China was "always against any form of official contacts and exchanges between countries that have diplomatic ties with China and Taiwan and we are also opposed to the establishment of any official institutions."

The spokesperson also said that India should "understand and respect China's core concerns and stick to the One China principle and prudently deal with Taiwan-related issues and maintain sound and steady development of India-China relations."

When countries for bilateral partnerships with China, the countries also agree that they adhere to the one-China policy. However, the visiting delegation from Taiwan is only members of parliament.

Geng explained, "The reason why China lodged the representation is because we have been requiring countries that have diplomatic relations with China to fulfill their commitment to the One China principle."

He then reiterated the request that India to "side to stick to the One China principle and take concrete actions for the steady development of China-India relations."

China has been increasing investments in India and imports from the mainland have grossed to $53 billion. Oil explorations by China have already begun.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said during his visit to China, "A number of decisions can be taken quickly by the state governments. These interactions also make the state governments more sensitive and aware of the international dynamics and requirements."

The Chinese state media wrote that India knows that Taiwan is China's weakness and the recent visit shows that India wants to signify that the country wants to use this as a bargaining chip in issues like the Tibet conflict.

According to the Global Times, "India has long wanted to use the Taiwan question, the South China Sea, and Dalai Lama issues as bargaining chips in dealing with China."

The article warned, "Those who want to use the Taiwan question to contain the mainland will have to suffer losses."