• The Chinese national flag hanging in sunshine from the Bank of China's headquarters in the City of London, United Kingdom.

The Chinese national flag hanging in sunshine from the Bank of China's headquarters in the City of London, United Kingdom. (Photo : Getty Images)

As Brexit uncertainties have caused unemployment fears, the fast expansion of Chinese companies in the United Kingdom resulted in creating a lot of local jobs.

Employment has also been boosted among supply chain companies as a result of massive investments from China, particularly in the sectors of infrastructure, property development, and energy.

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Andrew Godley, a professor of Management and Business History at Henley Business School, said: "As Brexit uncertainties are leading to a potentially reduced growth rate in the UK economy over the next few years, continued investment by Chinese firms is very helpful to boost job security."

An example to this is ABP, a Chinese Developer who have invested $2.13 billion in order to create a commercial hub at the Royal Albert Dock in East London. This has resulted in creating 30,000 jobs.

Hickley Point Nuclear Power Station, a French-led project, created 25,000 jobs across its whole supply chain. China General Nuclear has invested £6 Billion into this project, which accounts to one-third of the total investment that is put into it.

"The partnerships with Chinese enterprises unlock supply chain potentials and the flow-on impact of job creation is great," said Mike Harrison, a spokesman for WElink Group, a British renewable energy company.

WElink Group was contracted by China Triumph International Engineering Co. to construct six modular housing factories during the next five years.

Harrison added: "In addition, Chinese enterprises also think for the long term, the long-term partnership they commit to is great for confidence and promotes deeper cooperation, which further contributes more to job creation."

The investment of China in the UK has led to increasing cultural understanding. As an example, Chinese and Western employees enjoy a shared menu of Chinese dumplings and fish and chips at a canteen within the Bank of China's London office.

Bank of China now employs 550 people, and 90 percent of which are British workers.

Many British workers enjoy the experience of working on Chinese invested companies. Neil Robinson, a marketing manager of ABP said: "Chinese people are a wonderful combination of being enterprising, hardworking, resilient and friendly."