• Joel Embiid dances onstage during a concert.

Joel Embiid dances onstage during a concert. (Photo : YouTube/ NBA Off The Court)

Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers has been reported of having a torn meniscus in his knee. However, despite the knee injury of the Sixers center player, he still managed to hop onstage dancing that resulted in criticism from his team.

Embiid has been known in the NBA as a fun-loving and humorous player. A testament to his character are the social media posts and antics that the player has been sharing online. However, his latest stunt during a Meek Mill concert in the Wells Fargo Center has made Sixers president of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo uncomfortable.

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In a video that spread like wildfire online, Embiid was seen dancing and hopping onstage shirtless like he has no injury. Such activity outside the court got the attention of the Colangelo, noting that he was "a little bit" disappointed towards their injured center player.

"Perhaps he crossed a line, perception-wise. It's not the best thing to see when you wake up on Saturday morning and find out that was the case because I know the reaction. I understand some of the potential concern out there." CSN Philly quoted Colangelo as saying.

Team officials have been known to be serious when dealing with unwise off-court decisions in the past. On the part of the Sixers, being at a concert was not disappointing, it was being on stage, and dancing was a little bit. 

Brett Brown, Embiid's coach, has also discussed things with his player. However, Brown declined to give any specifics on the discussion between him and the 20-year-old Sixers star.

As of the current writing, there is still no exact date for the return of Embiid inside the court. However, the team assured that they would be resting their injured center player until weeks after the All-Star break, according to Sir Charles In Charge. Thus, suggesting that a couple of games will be missed by Joel Embiid in the NBA this season.

Watch here below Embiid's shirtless dance onstage: