• Director Matt Reeves smiles for the camera alongside a photo of Ben Affleck as Batman.

Director Matt Reeves smiles for the camera alongside a photo of Ben Affleck as Batman. (Photo : YouTube/Wochit Entertainment)

It may well seem that the quest in looking for a new "Batman" director will continue as the film's supposed director, Matt Reeves, has begged off from the project. This is after a week of negotiations that later on turned sour as the concerned parties seem to have failed to reach a common ground.   

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A production insider has spilled that talks have stopped. However, it is said that negotiations might resume in the future once both parties have cooled down. Furthermore, the studio is very much into making the film as it has been proven that the next bat flick is no one man show, according to Hollywood Reporter.  

Before the project was offered to Reeves, Fede Alvarez of "Don't Breathe" and Ridley Scott were under the studio's radar to helm the new "Batman" film. Reeves, on the other hand, is currently making some finishing touches on the upcoming "War for the Planet of the Apes.  

Meanwhile, a photo from the equally awaited DCEU film "Justice League" is making rounds online as of late. The photo is said to have been uploaded by Zack Snyder himself as the snapshot features the Dark Knight's battle scene. The said image was not posted on any of the director's social media accounts, though it was spotted on Reddit, Movie Web reported.  

The official synopsis of the film was also released suggesting that Bruce Wayne's faith in humanity has been restored as he witnesses Superman's selfless act during their first team up alongside Wonder Woman. As a result, Bruce is now on a mission in search of other individuals that were also endowed with unique abilities and superhuman strength as they will be facing an awaken threat.   

While the "Batman" movie is still in limbo, "Justice League" is slated to be released on Nov. 17. In the meantime, watch a clip of "The Batman" star Ben Affleck here: