• BTS member Jin in the music video of the song, "Not Today."

BTS member Jin in the music video of the song, "Not Today." (Photo : YouTube/ibighit)

BTS dropped the highly anticipated music video of their song "Not Today" from their latest album, "You Never Walk Alone" on Feb. 20, Monday. However, fans were quick to point out that there was one BTS member that did not get as much screen time as the other Bangtan Boys in the video.

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Shortly after the release of the MV, several fans expressed their disappointment over the distribution of screen time to Jin, according to All Kpop. It remains to be known whether the idol was content with his brief appearance in the video, but BTS fans are fuming.

Fans pointed out that Jin had a single frame in the entire music video that lasted no longer than a second. Even though Jin usually has the least lines in BTS songs, fans are not happy with his screen/line distribution and some of them are starting to wonder whether BTS is a six-member group.

Jin loyalists added that they wait comeback after comeback hoping that Jin would get more exposure, but are left disappointed every single time. Some of them even accused BTS' agency, Big Hit Entertainment, of sidelining Jin and making him look like as an extra by giving him less screen time/lines.

While fans know that since Jin is the 'visual' of the group, it is understandable that members like Jungkook or Jimin got more more lines in the MV. However, they noted that the group's 'visual' should be given more screen time in the video, or at least, more than one shot in the entire video.

This led to speculation that Jin will leave the group if the agency/group continues to treat him like this. Big Hit Entertainment also changed the YouTube thumbnail image of "Not Today," which previously featured Jin, to a photo of the group shortly after the release, further adding fuel to the speculation fire that Jin's is set to leave the group.

"Not Today" is one of the four new tracks on the 'WINGS' epilogue. The other tracks are the title song "Spring Day", as well as "Outro: Wings", and "A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone". "Spring Day" has been a blockbuster hit, topping charts and breaking records ever since its release on Feb. 13, as Soompi pointed out.

Check out the MV of "Not Today" below: