• A visitor passes the Google logo on September 26, 2012 at the official opening party of the Google offices in Berlin, Germany.

A visitor passes the Google logo on September 26, 2012 at the official opening party of the Google offices in Berlin, Germany. (Photo : Adam Berry/Getty Images)

From Android Nougat Google is likely to sweeten up the next Android version with biscuit treats. As teased by one senior executive, version 8.0 of Google's mobile OS could be known as Android O for Oreo or Android P for Pocky, and the revelation will happen via the 2017 I/O Developers Conference.

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According to Phone Arena, Android chief Hiroshi Lockheimer got busy this week tweeting hints of what could be the sequel to Nougat. As the last two versions (Marshmallow and Nougat) were soft sweet treats, it appears that Google will want some bits of crunch for 2017.

In a series of Twitter posts, Lockheimer shared the likely candidates for the next Android and Oreo was hardly a surprising choice as fans generally expect the progression from N (Nougat) to O. And if Lockheimer is to be believed, that O on the next Android is a chocolate biscuit called Oreo.

Or it could be another choco serving in the form of stick biscuit. The same report said that Lockheimer has earlier tweeted an image of the Pocky chocolate sticks.

Obviously, the objective is to drum up interest in the build up to the annual I/O gathering and likely to spur conversations on the question: Is it Android O or Android P.

Now Google using commercial names in labeling the next Android is nothing new. That was the case with Android KitKat and prior to the Nougat unveiling, speculations were rife that version 7.0 of the mobile OS will be called Android Nutella.

But Android 7 ended up as the generic Nougat, as pointed out by WCCFTech, so floating around Oreo and Pocky this early can be taken as some form of distraction. It might be that eventually, Google will still go for the generic sweets no matter if the next Android is an O or a P.

And what exactly to expect from Android 8.0 while setting aside the naming mystery for the time being? Too early to tell, per Phone Arena, but further enhancement of the Material Design should be a welcome addition. Or closer cooperation with device makers and network service providers to possibly speed up the delivery of OS and firmware update.

WCCFTech was spot on in pointing out that Google is now preparing to launch the next Android yet "Android Nougat is still struggling to increase its presence on Android distribution chart."

In any case, Android 8.0, be it Oreo or Pocky, will be revealed come May with Google's I/O 2017 and the new things packed with the OS should be showcased with the release of Pixel 2017 flagship smartphones.