• Mothers are happier with the two-child policy.

Mothers are happier with the two-child policy. (Photo : Getty Images)

A survey was released by the website for mothers, mama.cn, and revealed that more moms are happier with the two-child policy.

The report was released after conduction an online survey of 4,200 mothers with two children. There was a majority of respondents who are happier with two children.

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There was 63 percent of moms who expressed satisfaction with two children and 67 percent said that they do not have regrets over the decision.

The survey also revealed that half of the respondents' husbands are now more willing to help in child-rearing.

Mothers are happy to see their children play and interact. However, most moms, about 70 percent, said that they will no longer have a third child if they were allowed to do so.

There were also respondents who said that they are more burdened now with two children because they face the additional responsibility of taking care of their parents. About 72 percent of unhappy mothers stated this.

Zhu Yuzi, a researcher for the site, said that economic issues are usually to be blamed for people who refuse to have a second child. Parents have to struggle with the additional cost of having another mouth to feed.

"But the result of the survey shows that the spiritual joy brought by having a second child can greatly offset the increased economic burdens for much Chinese," she said. "That is why so many people feel happier after having a second child, even with more economic burdens."

"We expect more supportive measures, such as reducing taxes for families with a second child, so the second-child policy can be better carried out," said Cai Lina, the site's content supervisor.

The survey revealed that although there is more happiness with a new baby in the household, the rising costs of living in China is a reality that many people face every day.

Another survey revealed by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, about 53 percent of parents in China do not want to comply with the two-child policy.

One parent, Yang Jun, a 36-year-old employee in Beijing, said, "Both my wife and I are very busy, so who will take care of the second child if I have one? Besides, having a second child means we have to buy a bigger apartment, which is so expensive in Beijing."