• John Wall

John Wall (Photo : Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images)

The NBA trade rumors continue as the deadline is just a couple of days away and the Washington Wizards has one last chance to bolster their bench.

The Wizards were involved in early season NBA trade rumors because of the highly publicized (and exaggerated) rift between John Wall and Bradley Beal. There were those who pointed out how Wall is very conscious of his pay scale, more specifically how it compares with other players.

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Bradley Beal signed a max contract way beyond what Wall makes. It's neither players' fault as that's what the salary cap increase brings. Wall and Beal are professionals and they moved on from what was a "petty" issue and played some good basketball under new head coach Scott Brooks.

Now, the sellers are looking to buy a bench. Entering the top four of the Eastern Conference, they are now the legitimate playoff threat which was actually the expectation from their team. However, they still have a woeful bench and Bleacher Report took notice.

"Washington doesn't have much behind that elite starting group.(They)  have to do something to improve a minus-5.8 bench net rating, third-worst in the league.

The Wizards will make a move."

No less than John Wall himself believes that the team will make a move at the deadline. He shared his comments to CSN Mid Atlantic.

"I think so," Wall replied to a query on whether GM Ernie Grunfeld will make a move at the deadline. Last year, he acquired Markieff Morris who is now part of their formidable starting unit. "We're looking at some options to help our bench out. Other than that I don't know. I haven't talked to him about it."

Morris was a gamble that the Wizards won. He had a public demand in the summer and while he was still a prime talent on a cheap contract, the Phoenix Suns had no choice but to trade him and other teams were wary of his attitude. The Wizards rolled the dice and got the best of Markieff.

There does not seem to be a Markieff Morris this year, aside from DeMarcus Cousins perhaps and now he's gone. Lou Williams was a very logical target and the Lakers wanted to trade him for a first round pick but Houston beat them to it.

The Wizards can still pursue Wilson Chandler or Danilo Gallinari of the Denver Nuggets. Also, in terms of positional needs, they can offer Kelly Oubre, a small forward for what the Clippers are offering for Carmelo Anthony-which are Jamal Crawford or Austin Rivers.

Not too inspiring? PJ Tucker of the Phoenix Suns is becoming a sexy option lately. Other contenders are also looking at his toughness and experience. But if the Wizards need instant offense, Shabazz Muhammad of the Minnesota Timberwolves is an option.