• Paul George

Paul George (Photo : Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

One day before the trade deadline, most fans still want to see a superstar changing jerseys like the scenarios in NBA trade rumors.

Still at the forefront of teams that are likely to make a move are the Boston Celtics. It's about time "Trader Danny" showed up and cashed in his collection of assets for a star that will make them contenders.

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It was already established by Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical that the Celtics are pursuing Jimmy Butler and Paul George, which is why they have shown "minimal interest" in Carmelo Anthony.

Why wouldn't they pursue George? He is one of the best small forwards in the league, the position with arguably the most talent (LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard  and Kevin Durant) and a team that hopes to contend should have someone to match up with these superstars.

While it might not be at the trade deadline, as long as George does not sign the extension offer, the threat of his departure looms like a dark cloud over the Indiana Pacers.

However, the Boston Celtics is far from being the lone candidate as a trade partner for Paul George. There are two other teams to watch in this saga. George has emphasized that he wants to play for a contender and win a championship. Sure, he mentioned that he wants to be the hero for Indiana similar to LeBron James, but James was not able to do it alone. In fact, James had to win his first championships OUTSIDE Cleveland.

It's clear that the Pacers have to do their part. George is not blind, he can see what's happening with the other teams and he does make comparisons. Take his comments about the Washington Wizards on CSN Mid Atlantic.

"We definitely need shooters, somebody that can defend and stretch the floor for us a little bit more. Just go with the trend what the NBA is doing," said George after the East team practiced Saturday at the Superdome. "A lot of teams have stretch bigs or playing four perimeter guys that can shoot the ball. We got to follow the trend and put oursevles on that level to compete against those stretch teams."

Theoretically, George can seamlessly slide into the three position for Washington. What if they offer Otto Porter, a player on Myles Turner's timeline along with draft picks and other pieces?

Another team that will loom as a possible destination for George is the LA Lakers. Far from being a "contender" now, things could change abruptly if they get their top three draft pick and somehow maneuver a top free agent. Kevin O' Connor of The Ringer illustrated this scenario in his column.

"Bill Simmons tweeted in May that the Lakers wanted 'to make a BIG run' at George this offseason, which is important to keep in mind if Indiana goes off the rails. L.A.'s interest in George might be mutual, too: George was a Lakers fan who idolized Kobe Bryant while growing up in Palmdale, California."

If the Lakers improve (which they will because they have young players) next season and they also have no more incentive to tank, then they could eventually intrigue the Pacers' superstar.