BTS has found itself wrapped up in another plagiarism controversy with BIGBANG. The Bangtan Boys are under fire from BIGBANG fans for ripping off T.O.P's performance while performing at the 6th GAON Chart Music Awards.

On Feb. 22, Wednesday, several K-Pop groups performed at the awards show including BLACKPINK, MAMAMOO, GOT7, EXO and BTS among others. When BTS took the stage, they performed their hit songs, "Save Me" and "Blood, Sweat & Tears." However, BIGBANG fans are furious over some of the ideas BTS had 'stolen' for their performance.

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Shortly after the performance aired, several BIGBANG fans complained that BTS had copied the 'no signal' intro from BIGBANG rapper T.O.P. As seen in the video below, BTS' kicks off their performance of "Save Me" with the 'no signal' screen, which is similar to the one used by T.O.P during his solo performances at BIGBANG concerts.

BIGBANG loyalists, also known as VIPs, are now fuming over BTS' alleged plagiarism and are demanding an apology from the idol group using the hashtag #No_Signal_Please. "Big Bang was first to apply 'no signal' into their performance, All Kpop quoted a fan as saying. "YG need to take legal action."

There were some BTS fans that rushed to defend their favorite idol group. "Big Bang didn't invent sh*t, the same publication quoted a netizen as saying. "Why should they apologize? Do a search for 'no signal' and you will get millions of results. Overreaction at its finest."

This is not the first time BTS has been accused of copying ideas from BIGBANG. In May 2016, VIPs and ARMYs around the globe got into a heated debate after snapshots of the striking similarities between the concepts and outfits of both groups surfaced online, as the same publication previously reported.

Check out the comparison between the opening 'No Signal' montage used by BTS and the one used by T.O.P in the video below: