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Seinfeld (Photo : www.techcrunch.com)

Sony Pictures is selling "Seinfeld" to an online vendor, which implies that the American sitcom will then become available for online streaming. The sitcom began in 1989 and lasted nine seasons, until May 1998, on NBC. It had 180 episodes, all in all.

Hulu, Amazon, and Yahoo are believed be the parties involved in the bidding for the television show's rights; however, Netflix has confirmed that it will not join the war.

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"Netflix, which last year took a hard look at Seinfeld, is taking a pass on the show, a person familiar with the matter said," the Wall Street Journal reported.

"Seinfeld," then, was popular with it being rerun on numerous TV stations through the years.

The bidders of the TV show, also, have high online success potentials for the years to come. Aside from this fact, people are most likely to gain the option of watching the show's episode either by preference or demand.

Netflix is amongst the most dominant players in the Internet media industry, but whoever wins the bid is sure to elevate its current position in the rank, the Tech Times said.

In 2014, it was Netflix that was able to acquire the rights for the famed sitcom "Friends". They, according to reports, paid Warner Bros. more than $500, 000 each episode. Sources have revealed that Sony is looking for a $500, 000 each episode of "Seinfeld".

Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, the show's creator, are also participants in the show's profit. In 2010, the show was able to generate $2.7 billion in revenue.