• Super Junior in a still from their hit song, "Mamacita."

Super Junior in a still from their hit song, "Mamacita." (Photo : YouTube/SMTOWN)

It appears as though another SM Entertainment group has fallen victim to copyright infringement by an Indian film. Days after it was reported that some of EXO's songs were blatantly plagiarized and used as OSTs in an Indian film, the K-Pop group Super Junior has apparently not been spared either.

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Super Junior's hit song, "Mamacita," from their 2014 album of the same name, has allegedly been ripped off by a regional Indian film titled, "Hela Mate Prema Jara," according to All Kpop. Several fans of the idol group accused the makers of the film after they could not help by notice that the film's OST title, "Ai Ai Ai Yooo," shared many similarities with "Mamacita."

Unlike the case with EXO, the music was not directly ripped off from the Super Junior track, but a similar melody heard in "Mamacita" had allegedly been used in the Indian song, whose composer goes by the name of Prem Anand. Moreover, the main character in the music video of the OST also mimics the same dance move as Super Junior, by using the palm of the hand to repeatedly hitting the side of the head.

Last week, there were headlines claiming that the Indian Telegu-language film had allegedly plagiarized two of EXO's hit songs. Two of the films songs, "Dhamki Marr" and "Baby Kanipinchav" sounded exactly the same as EXO's "Growl" and "Baby Don't Cry" respectively. Moreover, the film was also accused of copying LC9's "Mama Beat."

Several fans noticed the similarities between the songs and expressed their anger over the Indian film's blatant plagiarism and called for SM Entertainment to take appropriate action against the film's makers. In the wake of the backlash, SM Entertainment issued an official statement, obtained by Koreaboo, stating that they will be taking legal action against those responsible following a discussion with the song's publishers and copyright owners.

Below is a video comparison between Super Junior's "Mamacita" and "Hela Mate Prema Jara's" "Ai Ai Ai Yooo."