• BTS members on the Feb. 23, Thursday, episode of the "Shin Yang Nam Show."

BTS members on the Feb. 23, Thursday, episode of the "Shin Yang Nam Show." (Photo : YouTube/Mnet Official)

BTS recently appeared as guests on the MNET program, "Shin Yang Nam Show." During the talk show, BTS members revealed that there is someone among them who does not pay up often and that member is none other than Jungkook.

BTS were chosen as guests for the first episode of the new revamped version of the MNET show, as Soompi previously reported. During the Feb. 23, Thursday, episode of the talk show, MC Jang Do Yeon asked the Bangtan Boys which member is least likely to remove their wallet and SUGA was the first to reply to the host's question.

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"Jungkook definitely doesn't pay often," SUGA said, to which Jungkook responded in denial. "I graduated from high school not too long ago. You know how you ate jjajangmyun (black bean noodles) after graduation? Well, do you know how much that cost? It was 91,0000 won (approximately $804 USD)."

Even after Jungkook's explanation, SUGA decided to stick with his earlier choice. The idol pointed out that whenever he and Jungkook go out for a meal together, he offers to pay because he's older. However, he joked that it would be nice if Jungkook atleast pretended to pay instead of just saying, "Thanks for the food."

"I let him borrow my card not too long ago but he never paid me back," Jin added. "He told me that the food he bought me from before evens it out."

BTS is currently promoting songs from their latest album, "You Never Walk Alone," and have broken a series of records since the release. The group recently found itself wrapped up in controversy after their performance at the 6th GAON Chart Music Awards on Feb. 22, Wednesday.

The idol group came under fire from BIGBANG fans after using the same 'no signal' intro used by BIGBANG rapper T.O.P during his performances. BIGBANG VIPs accused BTS of plagiarism and demanded an apology from the group using the hashtag #No_Signal_Please, according to All Kpop.

For more details on the BTS' 'copying' controversy, watch the video below: