• This is the official poster cover of the game, with a reversible black cover hidden alongside the original cover.

This is the official poster cover of the game, with a reversible black cover hidden alongside the original cover. (Photo : Twitter/Final Fantasy XV)

New details for "Final Fantasy XV" will feature more announcement at PAX East and Episode Ignis will be the last DLC storyline.

It seems that new information for the third episodic DLC for "Final Fantastic XV" has been revealed as game director Hajime Tabata explains the order of the three DLC episodes in the game.

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According to Tabata, he and the game developers had already planned each episodes in order with Episode Gladiolus being the first as they plan to add enhanced action battle gameplay. Tabata added that Episode Ignis will be the last DLC to launch due to the significant impact on the game’s story and the team needs time to create a solid experience, saving the very best for last, Dualshockers reported.

Previous reports revealed that Final Fantasy XV broke even its development cost on day one of its launch and Tabata will launch an off-road Regalia for the game that will allow players to freely drive around in the world, but it is still in development and is currently unknown when it will arrive.

Episode Ignis is said to be more tactical based gameplay compared to Episode Gladiolus and Episode Prompto.

In other news, it seems that Square Enix will announce new game details for "Final Fantasy XV" in this year's PAX East event on March 12 10:30 am to 11:30 am at the Albatross Theater.

Square Enix will not only present "Final Fantasy XV", but also its latest action-RPG game "Nier: Automata", although it did not reveal what sort of details will the game publisher have in mind for the event, but it could more DLC and events relating to both games, JumpStartPush reported.

Episode Gladiolus will be available in "Final Fantasy XV" on March 28 at $4.99, while Episode Prompto will be out on June.

Square Enix will also reveal additional details on "Final Fantasy XV" as the game's audio programmer Sho Iwamoto discussing the music and techniques used in making the game.

Nomura also informed gaming fans that he and the development team will not have plans for "Final Fantasy XV" on the Nintendo Switch yet as they must conduct proper testing on the console in order to make it happen in the future.

"Final Fantasy XV" is currently available for the PS4 and Xbox One consoles.