• Logan will serve as the last Wolverine spin-off starring Hugh Jackaman and Patrick Stewart and directed by James Mangold.

Logan will serve as the last Wolverine spin-off starring Hugh Jackaman and Patrick Stewart and directed by James Mangold. (Photo : Facebook)

The latest details and spoilers for "Logan" will feature a new villain in the film and Wolverine coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It seems that Logan/Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and company will face another villanous character in the events of "Logan" as the film's soundstrack featured a song title called "Logan vs X-24", which hints that a final battle in the sequel.

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X-24 was first hinted in the comic book storyline "X-23: Innocence Lost", which focused on Laure KinneyX-23's tragic past as it is revealed that the organization who cloned Wolverine did not just stop with X-23. Laua learned that there are a number of other Wolverine clones from X-24 to X-50 and they were destroyed.

Laura's current comic book series "All-New Wolverine" featured four imperfect clones of Laura created by the Alchemax Genetics and they are named X-23_1, X-23_2, etc.

While not exactly X-24, "Logan" could potentially set-up Wolverine and Laura (Dafney Keen) to fight a version of the mutant child, albeit older and more dangerous, Screenrant reported.

Director James Mangold stated in an interview that he is interested in making a X-23 spin-off film and will immediately jump into it when Fox greenlights the project.

In other news, "Logan" star Hugh Jackman talks about the direction that Wolverine will go to after the events of his last film in the "X-Men" film franchise.

Although Jackman hinted a possible recasting of the character, the "Pan" star admitted during the New York press for "Logan" that he would reconsider retiring his character if offered a chance to join the Avengers.

Jackman added that he would "pause" for awhile and if that was offered then he will likely do it. He explained that it will be an interesting position for Wolverine with the likes of Iron Man and the Hulk being around, but with film rights and all, it seems that is unlikely to happen in the future, ComicBookMovie reported.

"Logan" will take place several years after the end of "X-Men: Days of Future Past" were an old and battle-scarred Logan/Wolverine (Jackman) works as a limousine driver to and is on hiding in the border of Mexico with an old and ailing Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart).

The two former X-Men encounter a young girl named Laura and suspected to be a mutant, as their kind was near extinction thanks to Transigen and the Reavers. Laura was experimented on and possibly turned into a weapon, but escaped and seeks help from both Logan and Charles.

"Logan" will be in cinemas on March 3.