• A farmer sprays pesticide on chili pepper sprouts at a greenhouse in Liaocheng, Shandong Province of China.

A farmer sprays pesticide on chili pepper sprouts at a greenhouse in Liaocheng, Shandong Province of China. (Photo : Getty Images)

China new regulations are aimed to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers. Kiwa Bio-Tech Products Group Corporation announced that it is well-positioned to benefit from this new regulation.

The new regulations are also aimed to significantly promote agricultural efficiency. China's fertilizer consumption increased from 10.86 million tons to 59.12 million tons, according to relevant statistics from 1979 to 2013.

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Kiwa Bio-Tech Products Group Corporation is a company that is developing, manufacturing, distributing and marketing innovative, cost-effective and environmentally safe bio-technological products for both agricultural and environmental conversation.

Yvonne Wang, Kiwa's CEO, said: "China has entered a stage of rapidly rising customer expectations. Consumers want their food to be of high quality and they seek greater choice. The basic objective of agricultural reform is to provide safe, edible food and bio-fertilizers are capable of doing this."

"According to the China Federal Government, in pursuit of safer, more sustainable, higher quality food products, there must be no increase in the use of pesticides. Better quality control and more systematic production will ensure the safety of produce," Wang added.

The government of China is pursuing an ongoing effort to protect and develop China's national agricultural product brands while accelerating the unification of domestic and international standards.

Kiwa achieved product sales well in excess of levels projected in its 2016 plan as of the end of Dec. 2016. The company specifically reported a total weight of 55,000 tons of total product shipments, resulting in $9 million total sales.

Kiwa established several strategic market relationships with different companies and several other distributors during 2016.

The company believes that it is poised to further expand sales in 2017 through two new subsidiaries. These subsidiaries are focused on Gu'an, Hebei Province, and Shenzhen, Guangdong Province to support and provide sales channels for the launch of a new fertilizer product for sale across several distribution networks.