• Participants discuss at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2016

Participants discuss at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2016 (Photo : Getty images/ VCG / Contributor)

Mobile World Congress (MWC) has sparked some memories from Samsung Galaxy S phone.Last year, it was the Galaxy S7 and the year before, it was the Galaxy S6.

Additionally, Galaxy S5 rumors were flying three years ago. The Galaxy S4 did not come to the MWC and instead, it was unveiled in New York, four years ago. This year it may also be the same as Samsung brings miscellaneous devices to the MWC and leave the Galaxy S8 for a reveal in March.

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Recollecting the past, four years ago, when the original Sony Xperia Z was unveiled, audience already knew how this story ends - eventually, the Z-series was cancelled, replaced by the X-series and"Replaced" is a big word for the original X group.  However,  Sony brought Xperia XZ later that became a proper flagship.

February has witnessed greater rise and fall. It was six years ago when Windows Phone 7 was getting basic features like copy and paste. GSM Arena reported. Nokia had a slow start, still gradually, joined the Windows bandwagon. Fortune wasn't kind on the Lumias as price started dropping until Lumia phones were sold for pennies. True that Nokia had a backup - the Android-running Nokia X. That passed away on the vine quickly, yet now the Nokia brand is all in on Android.

The biggest mobile industry trade show of the year, MWC runs from Feb. 27 to Mar. 2 this year. PC Mag reported. It'll be full of new phones as ever, still that's only the beginning: tablets and networks have played major roles in previous years and a lot of AR, VR has expected apart from voice interfaces in 2017.

MWC is a type of show where many things get locked in about two weeks before the event. Motorola won't be single with modular phones in 2017, if the recent rumor about Alcatel is to be trusted. According to Slashgear, Alcatel will have up to five new midrange phones at MWC this year with at least one of them arranged with a removable back system like the Moto Z.