• Andrew Bogut speaks during a press conference at The Edge.

Andrew Bogut speaks during a press conference at The Edge. (Photo : Getty Image/Ryan Pierse)

The Cleveland Cavaliers are eager to see Deron Williams clear waivers with the defending NBA champions expected to sign him up as soon as possible. After filling up their backup guard needs, there is a chance that the Cavs could go after another former Dallas Maverick, Andrew Bogut.

Deron Williams is someone who has been mentioned before. He was among the mentioned names back in January that could fill up the void on the Cavs roster. Other names mentioned at that time were Jameer Nelson and Rajon Rondo, Forbes reported.

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LeBron James called on the Cavs to get teammate Kyrie Irving some help last month. They did hold midseason tryouts where Jordan Farmar seemed to have the inside track. There was also reported interest in Jose Calderon of the Los Angeles Lakers. Nothing went down for either player and may remain that way with Williams on the verge of being available.

For Williams, the opportunity allows him to possibly win an NBA title. The Cavs are heavy favorites to repeat this year. His current averages are far from the ones that elevated him to the all-star level. However, they could be enough for a backup role.

If the Cavs are bent on getting him, they need to move fast. Williams’ former team, the Utah Jazz, are also reportedly interested in the veteran guard.

There is also the curious case of Andrew Bogut. The 32-year-old Australian center was traded by the Mavs to the Philadelphia 76ers for Nerlens Noel. The Sixers have no intention of signing him and plan to buy him out.

That could transpire in the coming days and the Cavs are keeping tabs. However, there are other teams equally interested in Bogut. That includes his former team the Golden State Warriors who can technically re-sign him due to a loophole in the NBA rulebook, SB Nation reported.

The Warriors are still weighing on Bogut but there are other teams in play. The Houston Rockets are reportedly interested in taking in the veteran center as well.

Check out the video below tackling the possibility of seeing Bogut and Williams in a Cleveland Cavaliers uniform.