• UCAS and NTU Singapore’s research agreement will cover a timespan of five years.

UCAS and NTU Singapore’s research agreement will cover a timespan of five years. (Photo : Getty Images)

The price for curing cancer typically involves pain and stress. However, with the recent update on cancer cure, experts revealed that sleep could help in successfully curing terminal cancer with lesser side-effects.

There would time a come that the known side-effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy will be mitigated by hibernation or deep. Such method may soon be utilized as a cancer cure for experiments done on animal subjects have proven successful. This would mean that higher dosage of medication may be applied while not being too conscious of the potential side-effects of the procedure.

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Experts from Italy revealed that rats that have been subjected to hibernation have developed a protection against radiation. This particular event has been considered as breakthrough by experts, for human may soon undergo similar process while being treated with higher doses of medications.

You cannot use surgery to remove cancer or do radiation in all the affected parts, or you will kill the patients trying to destroy cancer. But if you could put the patient into synthetic torpor [hibernation] you could stop cancer growing. You also increase radio-resistance, so you can treat all the different metastases without killing the patient," Mirror quoted Prof Marco Durante, of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics as saying.

In cases where surgical operations are not possible in treating cancer, cancer drugs are being used. However, side-effects have also been observed along with the treatments that uses potent cancer drugs.

Cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy are prone to suffer from minor to severe side-effects. These side-effects may include but not limited to anaemia, appetite loss, bleeding, delirium, hair loss, pain, and nerve problems, according to the National Cancer Institute. The current progress discovered by the scientists will undoubtedly make a huge impact concerning cancer treatment and the comfort and convenience of a cancer patient.

Watch here below ways to mitigate side-effects of cancer treatment: