• The initial release date for "Deadpool 2" has been set for Jan 12, 2018.

The initial release date for "Deadpool 2" has been set for Jan 12, 2018. (Photo : YouTube/Dorkly)

The latest details for "Deadpool 2" will feature the actor to play Cable in the sequel and the Merc with Mouth part of an upcoming promo in "Logan".

It seems that a profiled Hollywood actor is hinted to play the time travelling X-Men Cable in "Deadpool 2" as comic book writer and artist Rob Liefield tweeted to "Gladiator" star Russell Crowe about read Deadpool and X-Force, with Crowe replying to the latter and asking if the film's star Ryan Reynolds is interested in the idea.

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Many Hollywood actors have expressed their interest in playing Cable in "Deadpool 2" ever since the announcement came during the first film's post-credits scene. This actors included Dolph Lundgren, Ron Perlman, Stephen Lang and Kyle Chandler, at one point film director Tim Miller and Reynold's had a disgreement with, which led to Miller's departure.

Miller told CG Garage (via Collider) that he and Reynold's were not feuding over the style of the sequel and clears out that he did not want a movie that is three times the size of budget used in the first film.

The reason is because of the casting of Chandler as Cable as Miller wanted "Bloodline" star for the role, but Reynolds did not want him.

Miller went on to recount disagreements that were had during the post-production process, but said they were nothing but typical arguments. While his days involved with Deadpool seem to be behind him, he is not holding any grudges as far as he is leading on. Instead, he wishes everyone involved nothing but the best.

In other news, its seems that Deadpool could be featured in the final Wolverine spin-off "Logan" as TheWrap reporter Umberto Gonzales tweeted that Reynold's shot at the character appearing in the film's promo could be true featuring Marvel comic book writer Stan Lee and it will not be a post-credit scene.

While the mention of Stan Lee's name is something to look forward to by fans as both Lee and Reynold's at one point wanted cameo's in "Logan", they were not fit in the film;s theme. But, rather than scrap the idea, it will make sense for "Logan" to feature both Lee and Reynold's character Deadpool to be featured in "Logan" and would find a way to capitalize on the concept, Screenrant reported.

It is yet to be revealed as when will the "Logan" promo featuring Lee and Deadpool could arrive, but it is hinted to be not far behind very soon, knowing the release date of the movie is coming soon.

"Deadpool 2" to be release in cinemas on 2018.