• South Korean musician Rap Monster is a member of the Kpop boy band BTS.

South Korean musician Rap Monster is a member of the Kpop boy band BTS. (Photo : YouTube/ibighit)

BTS' history was recently unveiled by the Kpop group's agency Big Hit Entertainment. It appears that band member Rap Monster played a pivotal role in the boy band's creation.

Kim Nam Joon, better known as Rap Monster, was credited as the reason why BTS was created. In an interview with South Korean news outlet Xports News, Big Hit Entertainment's CEO Bang Shi Hyuk revealed that he decided to form a hip-hop group after he saw the now Kpop idol's rapping skills.

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The Big Hit Entertainment head recounted that he was inspired to create BTS soon after discovering Rap Monster's musical talents and proceeded to find other artists who can join the then proposed boy band. Bang stated that he wanted to form a group with distinct members who can become successful Kpop idols given their own diverse talents and experiences.

The BTS agency boss also highlighted how his hopes and dreams for the seven-member band's success continue until today. He even applauded the band members' ability to write their own music and create exciting performances for the Kpop group's avid fans.

Meanwhile, some of BTS band members already co-composed several tracks that made it to the Kpop group's albums. Suga, J-Hope, as well as Rap Monster, helped in the creation of the song "Blood Sweat and Tears" from the album "Wings," while the main melody for the boy band's current hit "Spring Day" was also composed by Rap Monster.

In other news, the South Korean band were named as one of the winners of the recently held Japan Gold Disc Awards. BTS received the Best 3 Albums award for the album "Youth," according to All Kpop. The two other Kpop groups who were honored with the same award were Big Bang for "Made" and 2PM for their album "Galaxy of 2PM."

BTS released their new album titled "You Never Walk Alone" on Feb. 12, Sunday. Watch a clip of the Kpop group's performance at the SBS show "Inkigayo" below: