• Dragon Ball Super next arc will be called "Universe Survival Arc".

Dragon Ball Super next arc will be called "Universe Survival Arc". (Photo : Dragon Ball Super)

The latest details and spoilers for "Dragon Ball Super" will feature the mysterious Universe 11 Toppo and Son Goku faces Bergamo in episode 81.

It seems that identity of the the mysterious hooded fighter of Universe 11 has been revealed online and his name is Toppo. Toppo is seen during the exhibition match between Universe 7 and Universe 9, when Majin Buu fired a massive energy wave towards Basil, which he deflects and the God of Destructions balk when they suddenly become a target.

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However, Universe 11 keeps calm under pressure as its God of Destruction Vermound sends in Toppo and absorbs Buu's attack. So far, only his name has been revealed, but there not much information as to why he is in attendance during the exhibition match. But many anime fans theorized that Toppo was in allowed to join the Universe 11 gods and angel is because he is hinted to be the next God of Destruction in their universe.

Toppo is also said to be the leader of Universe 11’s warriors, so his battle will definitely be one to look forward to. Fans were first learned about Toppo when details about the tournament’s warriors were first released.

According to the leaked details, Toppo is the leader of a team of heroes known as "Pride Trooper" and is decribed as a warrior of righteous justice with a "hot blood". So far, it is unknown if Toppo could be the biggest threat in the whole "Universe Survival" arc as Goku and his team must survive and win to save their universe from destruction, ComicBook reported.

Meanwhile, episode 81 teaser trailer will feature Son Goku going up against the Bergamo, the crusher. Both Bergamo's brothers, Lavender and Basil were already beaten by Majinn Buu and Son Gohan during their matches, Saiyan Island reported.

As seen on the trailer, Bergamo can change his size into a giant, but it seems Son Goku has the upper hand as he begins outsmarting his opponents using his size against him. It seems that Toppo is watching their match seriously as he views Goku as a worthy opponent,

Previous reports teased that Son Goku and Vegeta will fuse togther to form Gogeta during the "Universe Survival" arc. Gogeta first appeared in the OVA film, "Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn" as he fought and defeated the demon Janemba. The character also appeared in "Dragon Ball GT" in his Super Saiyan 4 transformation fighting against Omega Shenron.

The Gogeta fusion is considered to be the most powerful fusion character in the "Dragon Ball" franchise and with a possible appearance in "Universe Survival" arc, anime fans could witness a Super Saiyan Blue version of the character.

"Dragon Ball Super" returns on March 5 on Fuji TV.