This kid's willpower level is indeed over 9,000. News broke out just recently about a boy in Arizona being stung more than 400 times by Africanized bees while playing nearby their home. The brave boy even revealed that one of his favorite "Dragon Ball Z/Super" characters somehow helped him survive his horrifying ordeal.  

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Still swollen and weak from the said incident, 11-year-old Andrew Kunz is quickly recovering from the hundreds of stings that were inflicted on him by those wild bees. Moreover, the boy even told reporters his little secret that made him withstand such attack prior to being rescued by emergency responders.  

In a statement obtained by Alternative Press, the young Kunz stated that he channeled his ironclad will to "Dragon Ball's" anti-hero - Vegeta. He added that he used a "full force power" on that painful encounter and went on saying that they can call him Vegeta. What made this even more amazing is the fact that he is allergic to insect stings.   

In the evening of Feb. 20, Kunz was playing with his BB gun together with a friend nearby his grandparent's house. He then asked permission to his grandma, Petrea Kunz if he could make a nearby rusted car as his target. The kid fired away as soon as he was granted with such not knowing what is residing inside it.   

The stingers were instantly agitated by the sounds of the BB bullets hitting the car that drove them into a stinging frenzy attacking the boy. Petrea immediately called 911 as soon as she discovered what happened to her grandson.   

Fire Chief Clark Bingham alongside Sgt. Jacob Carpenter and deputy Justin Baughman rushed into the scene as Bingham - who also has a bee allergy, pulled the kid out of harm's way. After administering first aid, the boy was intubated and airlifted to the Phoenix Children's Hospital, GilaValleyCentral reported.   

Watch a couple of news clips about the brave boy Andrew Kunz a.k.a. Vegeta here: