• A transparent pill from the movie 'Limitless' is being held by the hand.

A transparent pill from the movie 'Limitless' is being held by the hand. (Photo : YouTube/ ScreenJunkies News )

Being on top of everything requires a tremendous amount of focus and brain energy. In order to suffice such requirements, most individuals resort to the use of nootropic products or otherwise known as smart drugs. 

The idea of using a smart drug has long been introduced in the society. In contrast to what the movie "Limitless" depicts, nootropics are simply supplements that boost brain function within a natural level. This would in turn give its users memory boost, focus, and motivation. Gaining superhuman cognitive skills are not yet part of the current nootropic stacks availiable in the market. 

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Taking a smart drug is really enticing, especially if you are always on the go. When faced with pressure at work or with ones studies, a person can rely on nootropic supplementation to give him a push. However, one should first understand some crucial consideration before making use of the supplement.

Up to now, recreational use of such smart drug is still debated by physicians and medical researchers, according to Life Hacker. Some experts believe that there could be severe repercussions concerning long-term use of the smart drug.

However, despite the looming uncertainty and debates, the nootropic is gradually becoming a big business, according to Daily Sabah. Nootropic drugs are being rebranded in Silicon Valley to appeal to users interests. The target market of the said product are the so-called biohackers, who would do anything or everything to pursue higher productivity.

People are still skeptical of the long-term effect of the product. That is why it is highly advised by experts that users should consider their age and brain development before taking any smart drug.

Moreover, the duration of use and dosage should also be consulted with an expert to avoid any adverse effects. For although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers the products as a supplement, thorough self-review and inquiry should be exercised by users for added safety.

Watch here below how nootropic works in the body: