• North Korea's Kim Jong Un plans to launch more nuclear missiles in the future.

North Korea's Kim Jong Un plans to launch more nuclear missiles in the future. (Photo : Getty Images)

Tensions over North Korea and South Korea are feared to become more intense in the coming months. An article was published by the state media that expressed the thoughts of Chinese foreign ministry representative Wang Yi.

Wang wrote, "Next possible timing would be after North Korea launches the fifth nuclear weapons test and re-entry missile."

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"If the tests went smoothly, it would show the failure of United Nation sanctions and North Korea's military capability to attack the U.S. continent," he added.

He then wrote that if the war commences, China will have to prepare. "This day should not be too far away and China should fully prepare for these two critical timings."

At a press briefing, Wang expressed the same sentiments and said that the two countries were like "two accelerating trains coming towards each other with neither side willing to give way."

The spokesperson appealed to both countries to "apply the breaks" and "avoid a head-on collision." Wang said that a war will be avoided if North Korea ceased nuclear arms testing.

Wang's sentiment was echoed by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. He said that Asia is entering "a new stage of threat". Three North Korean missiles landed on the shores inside Japan's exclusive economic zone.

China said that the U.S. is pushing for the launch of the THAAD weapons with South Korea. Wang is urging the South Korean government to not pursue the launch.

Wang said, "It is common knowledge that the monitoring radius of THAAD reaches far beyond the Korean Peninsula and has undermined China's strategic security."

He said that "deploying THAAD is a wrong move" and the launch will make South Korea "less secure."

According to Wang's article in the Global Times, Pyongyang is deliberately ignoring the harsh U.N. sanctions and will continue to launch missiles.