• 2014 Beijing International Film Festival - Red Carpet

2014 Beijing International Film Festival - Red Carpet (Photo : Getty Images)

Before he hit it big with 2016’s monster movie “The Mermaid,” Chinese director Stephen Chow once considered migrating to Canada. However, his application was rejected by Canada after his links to the mob were discovered.

Marriage Proposal Rejected

When actress Christy Chung learned of the situation, she offered to marry Stephen Chow to help him get a Canadian passport since she was born in Canada. However, the director rejected the offer from Christy Chung who starred in 1994 movies directed by Stephen Chow such as “Love on Delivery” and “Hail the Judge,” Toggle reported.

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Since they have worked together in various movie projects, Christy Chung eventually admired her director and proposed marrying him to solve his Canadian visa problems. Now newly married, she admits being dejected when Stephen Chow turned down her marriage proposal and laughs at the incident, although she does not know the reason why he rejected her offer of marriage.

Third Marriage

In November, 46-year-old Christy Chung married Golden Zhang, a Chinese actor who is 12 years younger than her. It was her third marriage. Her first two marriages produced three daughters.

She shared the photos of her wedding to Golden Zhang on Sina Weibo, showing a matching set of kua, or the traditional Chinese wedding garments. It took 2,200 hours to sew her elaborate wedding gown for the marine-themed ceremony. Beside the white gown, Christy Chung also had dragon and phoenix banglesnecklaces and rings which are part of Chinese custom for a prosperous and harmonious marriage, AsiaOne reported.

For the evening banquet, the couple changed into more modern clothes with a marine theme. It brought back memories of the 1994 movie “Mermaid Got Married” which starred Christy Chung. Their wedding invitation showed the couple dressed as a mermaid and merman. They met on a dating show and fought heavy criticism when they entered into a relationship. They announced their wedding on the same reality dating show.