• 16th Shanghai International Film Festival - Opening Ceremony & Red Carpet

16th Shanghai International Film Festival - Opening Ceremony & Red Carpet (Photo : Getty Images)

The year 2017 appears to be a wedding year for Chinese celebrities. There are speculations that Fan Bingbing and Li Chen will tie the knot this year. On March 15, Taiwanese actress Ady Ann married Chen Ronglian, a multimillionaire in Hong Kong and her boyfriend for two years.

Doraemon Line

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Using references to cartoon character Doraemon and counting the number of days they have been together, the 36-year-old “Chinese Paladin” star wrote on Weibo that Chen Ronglian entered her world 1,230 days ago by using the Anywhere door – the door that Doraemon uses to bring him anywhere he likes. She pointed out that it took her 810 days to really get to know Chen Ronglian better, Toggle reported.

She continued, “I never thought that I’d be subdued by you just like this. Okay then, I’ll be with you, eating and playing till we both get old.... The eternally young Mr Doraemon, please take good care of Mrs Chen in the days to come.” The second line comes from the drama “Chinese Paladin” where Ady An starred in 2005 which was her ticket to stardom.

Ady An initially avoided dating Chen Ronglian, but he pursued the actress vigorously by running after her in New York, Paris, Hengdian and Taiwan. She developed a liking for him when he became Ady An’s frequent companion after Shone An, a Taiwanese singer who is a close friend of Ady An, died.

Wedding Shoot

Like Chen Ronglian’s pursuit of Ady An, the wedding shoot of the couple was done in several global cities such as Brommat and Paris in France, and Matera and Alberobello in Italy. The manager of the actress posted the photos after the new couple’s wedding.

Chen Ronglian proposed to her in November with a ring fashioned out of a champagne wire cage. But their wedding rings are made by Cindy Chao, a Taiwanese jewelry maker. They will register their wedding in Macau and hold wedding rites in June in Hawaii and Taiwan, Straits Times reported.