• Western Australia Tourism

Western Australia Tourism (Photo : Getty Images)

According to Tourism WA’s expert in north Asia, Johnny Nee, travelers in China are shifting their preference on Aussie holiday trips to Western Australia tourism.

Chinese tourists are now more inclined to visit Western Australia than to see traditional tourist destinations such as the Sydney Opera House or the Great Barrier Reef.

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Nee explained that the change of tourism preference is brought about by the new generation of Chinese tourists. Travelers from China have become more adventurous and they are more willing to spend for exceptional holiday experiences.

Last year, more than 51,000 Chinese tourists visited WA. This is 17.4 percent higher than the numbers in 2015.

During their stay, the Chinese tourists had spent $252 million. This is equivalent to almost $5000 each, almost thrice the national average tourist spending.

“There is no doubt WA is appealing to well-heeled, sophisticated Chinese tourists who are looking for a different holiday experience,” Nee said.

He explained that WA’s fascinating scenery and nature-based experiences and attractions charm Chinese tourists.

“These tourists are choosing to head to WA instead of the more iconic Australian destinations and attractions. This is a new trend. But it has emerged as more people have got to hear what WA has to offer,” the tourism expert said.

WA has recorded 954,000 international visitors last year, 100,000 visitors or 12 percent higher than 2015. This is all thanks to the increase in the Chinese tourist market.

Last week, Tourism WA’s China marketing manager Andy Xu and Nee have brought almost 50 travel agents from China and Hong Kong to Perth in an event they had named “Ni Hao WA.”

Aiming to further promote the state to Chinese tourism agencies, the event gave agents the opportunity to get acquainted with local tourism operators and see some of WA attractions.

“Events such as Ni Hao WA have the dual benefit of showcasing the State to those selling WA to travelers in China while introducing WA tourism businesses to Chinese travel agents who know what their clients want,” said Gwyn Dolphin, Tourism WA chief executive.

“We are continuing to have success with co-operative marketing campaigns in China,” he added.

With the shifting trend in Australian holiday preferences and with promotional efforts from Western Australia tourism agencies, WA is set to attract more travelers in China.