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In a bid to make their wedding proposal different from what most men do – that is kneel down and offer a diamond ring – some Chinese men use rings made of different materials to ask the hand of the woman in marriage. Hong Kong multimillionaire Chen Ronglian used a ring made out of a champagne wire cage when he proposed in November to Taiwanese actress Ady An.

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Boulder for a Wedding Proposal

On March 14, Urumqi resident Liu Fei went to a public square with his girlfriend, went down on his one knee on a heart-shaped rose petals and asked for her hand in marriage. After she said “yes,” some of the man’s friends took off the cover of a boulder located in the middle of the square, Oddity Central reported.

The boulder, a 33-ton meteorite worth 1 million yuan, or $145,000, he used to propose to her. The money was supposed to be used to buy an apartment. It was not the first time the couple saw the meteorite. In 2016, the couple went to Kashgar, an ancient city, to see it which was owed by a local collector.

Symbol of Enduring & Stable Marriage

Although she was not that excited to see the meteorite, the girlfriend nevertheless joined Liu Fei in the trip. While in Kashgar, he asked her if she also liked the rock. When she said “yes,” he decided to get it later for the wedding proposal. Liu Fei explained that he opted for a meteorite instead of just a traditional diamond ring, which he also gave her, because the space rock is a symbol of an enduring and stable marriage, SBS reported.

The story became viral on China’s social media where some netizens expressed skepticism with the meteorite. But others said that Liu Fei got a good bargain since he could cut it into small pieces and sell it at the price of a diamond. Other issues raised by netizens include the space the meteorite would eat up in their house and the possible health risks of radiation from the space rock.