• When it comes to military drones, China has already established itself as its largest exporter.

When it comes to military drones, China has already established itself as its largest exporter. (Photo : Getty Images News)

Policemen in China can now shoot down illegal drones out of the sky with their new high-tech gun.

The anti-drone gun, which costs $36,200 each, utilizes radio-interfering signals to safely take illegal devices out of the sky.

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Officers from the city of Wuhan exhibited their new "toy" last Saturday outside of a football stadium while a match was being held. They managed to bring down six flying drones from up to 1 kilometer away.

The technology enables a controlled landing for the drone. It avoids a drone crash that could destroy it or cause injury to those on the ground.

China's drone industry has caused several problems such as airport delays and security risks, forcing the country to implement a compulsory registration system for drones that weigh over 7kg and enforce strict airspace rule.

The Wuhan police are acquiring another 19 guns before next month's city marathon.

The malicious use of drones has caused widespread concern that the desire to combat it has spawned the development of a new technological industry to oppose it, which is illegal in the U.S.

Last December, it was reported that an anti-drone rifle, the DroneDefender, which was used by the U.S. to shoot down ISIS aerial drones in Iraq, got an upgrade from its maker, Battelle.

An Ohio-based non-profit research and development organization, Battelle is developing a more compact, lighter and more capable version of DroneDefender that will be even more effective on the battlefield.

In 2014, China completed the testing of a laser defense system capable of destroying small aircraft within a 2-kilometer radius in 5 seconds that the target was pinpointed. It can cause small-scale drones to crash within an altitude of 500 meters.

According to Yi Jinsong, a manager involved with the defense project, intercepting drones is usually done by snipers and helicopters. However, they have a low success rate and can result in unwanted damage.